The Edventure Builder is a simple online tool that lets you create your own location-based mobile adventure game and instantly publish it to any mobile device. (To see the types of edventures you can build, check out "EXPLORE".)

The Edventure Builder has been used to build competitive scavenger hunts, museum games, lessons in classrooms, interactive tours, after-school programs, school admissions tours and even to smelt iron. Okay maybe not the last one. But the rest is true.


How do you build an Edventure? Just enter your text and images into your online Edventure Builder account with regular old typing (no coding necessary). Easily add links, video and multimedia- then publish instantly to any mobile device. The Builder is designed to allow anyone to build an edventure.

How do you play? We heart mobile web! Why? Because it means your players can play from any web-enabled mobile device:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows phones
  • Tablets
  • Glamphones

Edventures can be played instantly without any need for players to download, sign up or log in. It also means that you can link your edventure right to your own web site, mobile web site or app.


You're an ED-venturer, not just any venturer. That means that you'll need to edit your content and add new content often. Fear not! Edit and change your edventure any time. Deactivate and reactivate edventures right from your account. Create story-based games or randomized scavenger hunts. Make challenges that require open answers, multiple choice, choose-your-own adventures, quiz-based challenges or photos.


The edventure builder is completely customizable:

  • Include your organization's own logo, colors and images
  • Keep your edventures on your own unique mobile web page
  • Customize your own scores or remove them for non-scored games

With Edventure Builder reports, see how players respond to your edventures. How many people are playing and when? What questions are people missing? Collect correct and incorrect answers, photos and open question responses (We highly recommend challenging players to write haikus.)

Sound too good to be true? WE KNOW! We're excited too. So ping us for a free trial to play with the builder. Can't wait to see what Edventures you create! ONWARDS TO GREAT EDVENTURES!

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Who are these wild edventurers? The Edventure Builder is run by the intelligent, fashion-forward and exceptionally good-looking crew of Green Door Labs: artists, educators and game designers with a mission to make learning more fun. Learn more about Green Door Labs and game design on demand at